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We at Banner Sales take pride in providing you the highest quality products designed to give your customer the best possible results while increasing your bottom line. Banner Products are custom blends of many of our products specifically for tree and shrub application, giving you these benefits: low or no salt, no chlorides, chelated micro nutrients, true liquids that won’t harm pumps or clog screens, effective and safe applications by root injection or foliar and soil drench. All Banner Products materials are compatible so you can customize your mix. Please contact us today if you need any help meeting your customer’s needs.

Banner Custom 18-3-6 with Humic Acid + Peptides

Growth Classic 18-3-6
New Advanced
Made in USA

We’ve redeveloped our flagship and made it 10x better! This is your best option like no other as a Liquid Fertilizer Solution with 50% SRN Plus Micronutrients, Humic Acid for enhanced root development plus Peptides.

How do Peptides make our product so unique? This custom formulated blend has a high concentration of PSP’s which have been shown to stimulate the natural bioactivity of plants and enhance the effectiveness of our 18-3-6 with Humic Acid formulation. Peptides help the roots rapidly mine for important nutrients within a few hours of application enabling a positive impact on the plant’s health.

Stress Protection – Increases tolerance to and recovery from stresses such as herbicides, temperature, drought, salinity, low light and more.

Biostimulant – Stimulates the plants natural processes and boosts metabolism efficiency to induce yield, improved plant quality and flowering/ fruiting stages.

Nutritional – Facilitates improved nutrient uptake, translocation and use; increases water use efficiency; enhances soil fertility by fostering the development of micro-organisms.

Our Banner 18-3-6 With Peptides and Humic Acid is a 50% slow release Smart Nitrogen plus micronutrients is a professional liquid fertilizer for use on trees, turf, and ornamentals. It provides quick release nitrogen for initial green up and has 50% SRN for steady feeding. 18-3-6 contains a low salt index. Plus, the highly complex Smart Nitrogen polymers contain carbon, which improves soils and feeds beneficial microbes and contains Peptides which aid root system absorption.

  • 50% slow release nitrogen
  • Low Chloride content
  • High quality sourced Humic Acid for enhanced root development – Banner Sales Custom Formulation
  • Fully Chelated Micronutrient package – Cu, Fe, Mn, and Zn
  • Peptides – Custom Formulated microbes for Banner Sales

Active Ingredients: Nitrogen, Phosphate, Soluble Potash, Chelated Copper, Chelated Iron, Chelated Manganese, Chelated Zinc, Humic Acid and Peptides
Packaging: 2.5 gallon jug, 30 gallon jug and 275 gallon tote
Rate: 1.5 gal / 100 gal water

Carbotonic 1-0-4

Made in USA

Carbotonic 1-0-4 is a premium soil amendment that can be used anytime through the growing season and is ideal as a starter to stimulate early plant growth and plant vitality. Slow-release organic NPK (Vegetal source) eliminates the risk of phytotoxicity. It is a low odor product that delivers instant plant energy from vegetal oligosaccharides (carbohydrates). This product is designed to provide an immediate food source for microbes and includes bacillus and pseudomycetes colonies to improve the rhizosphere, and its low conductivity ensures against burning injuries to the root system. With a 35% organic matter content it is the perfect remedy for salt mitigation, herbicide injured plants and high clay content soils. The high concentrations of active, soluble humic acid and cellulose fiber help replenish soils devoid of organic matter. Regular use of Carbotonic 1-0-4 also reduces the effects of soil compaction, improves water penetration via high microbial contents and neutralizes excess salt accumulations as well as hard water source contamination. We highly recommend including our Aqueus pH reducer with this product for maximum effectiveness on difficult soils.

Active Ingredients: 2% Nitrogen, 1% Phosphate, 3% Potash, .005% Molybdenum, 1.36% Zinc, 24% Humic, 2% Yucca, 18% Kelp, 4 Trichoderma species, 8 Bacillus species, Paenibacillus, 3 Pseudomonas, 3 Streptomyces.
Packaging: 2.5 gallon jug, 30 gallon drum, 275 gallon tote
Rate: .5 gal / 100 gal water

Amend Plus Soil Amendment

Aqueus Pre-Emerge pH Reducer
Made in USA

This product is a soil amendment that also acts as a pH reducer. Aqueus Pre-Emerge is an acidic liquid additive that will lower soil pH and will solubilize Iron, Calcium, and Potassium in the soil thereby increasing the availability of these nutrients to the plants. It is an additive to your normal nutrient regime and should NOT be used as a replacement for nutrients.

Active Ingredients:Hydrogen Sulfate, Hydronium
Packaging: 5 gal pail, 55 gallon drum, 275 gallon tote
Rate: .5 gal – 1 gal / 100 gals water


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100% Natural Organic Soil Amendment and Root Stimulator with 21 L-Amino Acids and Carbons Essential® Plus is a a 100% organic liquid that works both as an amendment for soils and as a safe, effective root stimulant for all turf and ornamentals. Essential® Plus is easy to use, safe to handle, and compatible with all fertilizers. Derived from potassium humate, 21 natural L-amino acids, enzymes, simple and complex sugars, vitamins, kelp extracts, carbohydrates, hydrolyzed organic proteins, natural wetting agent and natural biostimulants, Essential® Plus has all the “building blocks” for plant and soil nutrition. Its broad variety of high quality ingredients dwarfs competitive products which typically contain only two or three ingredients at most. The high concentrations of active, soluble humic acid and cellulose fiber help replenish soils that have been depleted of organic matter. Regular use of Essential® Plus also reduces the effects of soil compaction, improves water penetration and neutralizes excess salt accumulations.

  • 100% natural organic soil amendment
  • 21 Natural L-Amino Acids
  • Food source for microbial activity Rejuvenates soil structure
  • Removes salt from the soil
  • Helps trees / plants recover faster from damage

Active Ingredients: nitrogen, soluble potash, iron, humic acid, cellulose fiber, kelp extract, carbohydrates, natural wetting agent, ligin, mono/disaccharide, ash, riboflavin (B2), Vitamin B6, gibberellic acid, Natrual rooting substance and 21 L-Amino Acids
Packaging: 2.5 gallon jug, 30 gallon drum
Rate: 0.5 gal. / 100 gal. water

Emerald Ash Borer

Many of you have seen the video, “Emerald Ash Borer, The Michigan Experience” www.treeresearch.org. The video showcases many, many ash trees that were attacked by EAB and saved using the (non-drilling) Wedgle and Pointer Insecticide. Since all of these trees were damaged and under stress from EAB, the Banner Boys also recommended a special fertilizer combination (18-3-6 and Essential Plus) to help these ash trees recover. The results of this holistic approach were fantastic. Not only did the ash trees survive, they thrived! To this day, the ash trees under this treatment protocol are some of the most beautiful and healthy trees in the area. Building on this success, the Banner Boys have teamed with Banner Products to develop other “FERTILIZER FORMULATIONS” to combat/treat other tree and ornamental problems arborists and landscapers face every day. The formulation components are completely compatible and designed to be easily applied.

Banner Recommendation

BANNER “Fertilizer formulations”

18-3-6 Liquid Fertilizer
Mix Rate: 1.5 gal. / 100 gal. water
Essential Plus liquid soil amendment – Mix Rate: 0.5 gal. / 100 gal. water
Recommended Application Rate: 2 to 2.5 gallons of soil injected mix per DBH of Tree
Note: The following products can be added to this formulation to enhance its effectiveness.

  1. Mycorrhizae Fungi (for trees not previously treated with mycorrhizae)
  2. pH Reducer (recommended for tank water with a high pH level and /or soils with a high pH level.)
  3. Hydro Max (for clay and/or compacted soil).

Powerblend 1-0-0

Enhanced Micronutrients for Chlorosis
Powerblend contains a horticulturally correct ratio of magnesium, sulfur, boron, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc (Mg, S, B, Fe, Mn, Mo, and Zn) that quickly and safely corrects chlorosis and other micronutrient problems. Its eight essential micronutrients can be immediately absorbed and utilized by trees and other plants for preventing and correcting problems, and it can be applied year-round.
What’s the key to Powerblend’s success? The complex chelation of its micronutrients. Chelated micros generally are created using citric acids which can be detrimental to microbial colonies. Peptides have been added to this chelation allowing for rapid uptake compared to traditional eddha and edta chelations. This formulation is less prone to leaching and will not become locked-up by inhospitable pH levels in the soil. When applied as a foliar spray, chelated micros – unlike unchelated micros – are able to rapidly penetrate a leaf’s waxy coating and enter into the plant, working to quickly correct deficiencies.

  • Helps correct chlorosis
  • 7 complex chelated Micros
  • Foliar & Root Absorbed Active

Ingredients: Nitrogen, Magnesium, Sulfur, Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Zinc Rate: 40 oz. / 100 gal. water
Packaging: 2.5 gallon jug
Rate: See Label

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Liquid Potassium, 0-0-25, is a concentrated potassium fertilizer solution made from only the highest quality technical grade potassium carbonate. Liquid Potassium provides you with 100% soluble potassium for immediate plant and turf uptake through both foliar and root feeding. Liquid potassium can be applied throughout the growing season to correct potassium deficiencies quickly. As a fall fertilization product, it provides the maximum amount of potash in solution, and will help to improve stress tolerance from drought, winter and traffic.

  • No chlorides / low salt index
  • Immediately available potassium
  • Improves stress tolerance
  • Foliar and root uptake

Active Ingredient: Soluble Potash
Packaging: 2.5 gallon jug
Rate: Refer to label

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Liquid Phosphorous, 0-30-0, is a concentrated phosphorous solution made from the highest quality raw material. This 100% soluble phosphorous will quickly correct phosphorous deficiencies. 0-30-0 also acts as a buffer activator in tank mixtures with other chemicals (insecticides). Please be to read labels first and jar test for stability before tank mixing with other products.

  • Improves root growth
  • High phosphorus Source
  • Corrects deficiencies quickly
  • Buffer activator

Active Ingredient: Phosphorus
Packaging: 2.5 gallon jug
Rate: See Label

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Manganese Chelate 5% is an organic based chelate which keeps the manganese soluble for plant uptake. This chelate is ideal for both soil and foliar applications since this chelate is absorbed through foliar spray. Use this product for correction of deficiencies in turf and ornamentals and to enhance microbial activity. Manganese Chelate 5% has a pH of 6.5 making it perfect for mixing with acid sensitive products and it’s compatible with all other professional fertilizers.

  • Assists in enzyme formulation
  • Foliar and root applications
  • For turf and ornamentals
  • Correction of deficiencies

Active Ingredient: Manganese, Sulfur
Packaging: 2.5 Gallon jug
Rate: 1-1.5 gals / 100 gal water

Growth Manganese Chelate  3%

Magnesium Chelate 3% is a soluble liquid magnesium solution for quick uptake through soil and foliar application. Use for correction of deficiencies in turf and ornamentals and to enhance microbial activity. Magnesium Chelate also assists in chlorophyll production. Magnesium Chelate 3% is a near neutral pH of 6.5 and is ideal for mixing with acid sensitive products and is compatible with all other professional fertilizers.

  • Assists in Chlorophyll Production
  • Foliar and root applications
  • For turf and ornamentals
  • Natural Organic Chelating Agent

Active Ingredient: Manganese, Sulfur
Packaging: 2.5 Gallon jug
Rate: 24-36 oz / 100 gals water

Companion Maxx Phosphite

Growth Manganese Chelate  3%
Companion Maxx Phosphite is a systemic product which contains potassium salts of phosphoric acidand is applied by sprinkler/drip irrigation or as a foliar spray (aerial or ground)for control and suppression of downey mildew, phytophthora spp, pythioum spp and many other diseases related to both agricultural and the nursery and landscape industry. Phosphorus acid is effective in prevention and control of diseases by activation of the plants’ natural resistance mechanism.

Active Ingredient: 56.8% Phosphoric Acid
Packaging: 2.5 Gallon jug
Rate: 16-48 oz per 100 gals

Companion Maxx Liquid Biological Fungicide

Companion Maxx Liquid Biological Fungicide

This product is labeled for agricultural use only. Companion Maxx effectively prevents, controls and suppresses a broad range of root and foliar diseases. Companion’s multiple and unique methods of battling pathogens are environmentally friendly and inhibit pathogens’ ability to develop resistance to fungicides.

  • Activates plant’s defense/immune system
  • A rhizosphere bacterium
  • Quickly establishes beneficial colonies on roots and leaves
  • Stimulates healthier roots and accelerates plant growth

Here are some of the diseases Companion® helps prevent, control and suppress: Anthracnose, Root Rot,
Fire Blight, Tip Blight, Wilt, Bacteria leaf Spot, Phytophtora, Rhizoctonia

Active Ingredient: Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain ENV503
Packaging: 2.5 gallon jug, 30 gallon drum
Rate: Refer to Label

Iron Max 15-0-0

Iron MAX AC 6% 15-0-0
Iron Max 15-0-0 with 6% Chelated Iron, 2% Manganese and 3.5% Sulfur with UTE. Iron Max 15-0-0 is a chelated iron and manganese fertilizer product with up take enhancement technology (UTE). Iron Max promotes fast green up and good green color from chlorophyll synthesis. Iron Max is compatible with all herbicides, fungicides, insecticides as tank mixes, but a jar compatibility test is always suggested. For severely chlorotic plants we recommend also including Powerblend with Aqueus Amend Plus to help promote improved rooting development and a longer term corrective chlorotic remedy.

  • Promotes Rapid Green-up
  • 100% Chelated Iron & Manganese
  • Compatible with technical materials
  • Four Essential Nutrients

Active Ingredient: Nitrogen, Sulfur, Iron, Manganese
Packaging: 2.5 gallon jug, 30 gallon drum
Nursery Rate: 1-2 Quarts / 100 gal water every 30 days as a foliar spray
Deep root Feeding Rate: 4-8 oz per 100 gal

Nitro-22 (22-0-0) with 40% Urea Triazone and Ammonium Sulfate

Nitro-22 (22-0-0) with 40% Urea Triazone and Ammonium Sulfate
Made in USA

Nitro-22 is a Best of both worlds” liquid fertilizer. It has a great price point per sq ft applied compared to most high quality slow-release granular fertilizers. As a true 40% slow-release liquid fertilizer that can be applied through machine booms or drip irrigation lines, it has very little waste compared to most granular fertilizers therefore less is required and the results are impressive. Nitro-22 mixes and applies easily and is compatible with most other fertilizers and pesticides. It works well even at low soil temperatures.

  • American raw materials, Nitro-22 is particularly cost-efficient.
  • Readily available Sulfur
  • Corrects soil alkalinity
  • Economical nitrogen source
  • Benefits of SRN – the smart nitrogen

Active Ingredient: Nitrogen, Sulfur
Packaging: 2.5 gallon jug, 30 gallon drum, 275 gallon tote
Rate: Refer to label for specific use rates

pH Down

Nitro-22 (22-0-0) with 40% Urea Triazone and Ammonium Sulfate
pH Down is a plant safe solution for lowering the pH of pesticide solutions, soil and soilless media pH to a more acidic range for improvement of micro nutrients and pesticide uptake.

Reliant Dry Phite 28G

Nitro-22 (22-0-0) with 40% Urea Triazone and Ammonium Sulfate
Reliant Dry Phite 28G fertilizer 7-0-0 contains 7% soluble Potash and is derived from Potassium Phosphate. This product also contains 2.5% Silica from Calcined Montmorillonite Clay. This granular product is to be applied at the base of trees and shrubs not through pumping systems and should be only applied to irrigated landscapes.

Active Ingredient: Soluble Potash 7%. Also contains 2.5% Silica
Packaging: 20 lb bag
Rate: Apply 1-2 oz per individual tree or shrub less than 1” DBH. Greater than 1 inch DBH apply 2 – 6 oz around the base of the tree trunk from stem to 5 feet out around main stem. Frequency = Up to 3x per year.

Caution: Trees or shrubs less than 1” diameter, use lowest rate and trial before broadcast use.

Reliant Systemic Fungicide

Nitro-22 (22-0-0) with 40% Urea Triazone and Ammonium Sulfate
Systemic fungicide for the effective control of various plant diseases including black spot or scab in apple; root rot in avocado; bud rot and nut fall in coconut; root rot in citrus and cucurbits; downy mildew in cucurbits, grape, lettuce and onion; anthracnose in mango; root and heart rot in pineapple; late blight in potato; root and collar rot in stonefruit; leather rot and Phtyophora in strawberry; late blight in tomato; downey mildew, Phytophthora and Fusarium in conifers; Pythium in turf; and Phythium and Pythium diseases associated with stem and canker blight (Sudden Oak Death) and general beech tree decline.

Active Ingredient: Phosphoric Acid 45.8%
Packaging: 2.5 gal jug/ 30 gal drum
Rate: 32 oz / 100 gallons

Sodium Knockout 5-0-0

Sodium Knockout 5-0-0

Sodium Knockout contains 6% ready available Calcium plus along with a natural surfactant/wetting agent from yucca. It is an effective tool to reduce sodium levels in soils or bicarbonate accumulation from irrigation water. Knockout quickly penetrates even the most difficult soils from high water salinity. Knockout’s calcium is in a 100% soluble form that is immediately available to react with sodium, unlike gypsum based products. It is a much safer alternative to chlorides and sulfates.

Active Ingredient: Nitrogen, Calcium, Natural wetting agent (Yucca Schidigera)
Packaging: 2.5 gal jug
Rate: 1-2 gallons per acre or 2-3 oz / gal water

Application Recommendations: Correcting harmful saline-sodic soils must be carried out in steps beginning with restoration, followed by continuing maintenance. Make repeated applications 2-4 weeks apart. Following application, wash product into the soil with irrigation.

Stressmaster 0-0-31 with UTE

Sodium Knockout 5-0-0
Stressmaster is a Potassium Phosphite plant health fertilizer that stimulates plant health by helping to increase plant health during periods of stress.

Active Ingredient: 31% Soluble Potash
Packaging: 2.5 gal jugs or 30 gal drums
Rate: 32-64 oz per 100 gals as a soil drench or soil injection

X-Xtra Iron 6-0-0 High Iron 10% – Low Nitrogen 6%

X-Xtra Iron 6-0-0 High Iron 10% - Low Nitrogen 6%

X-Xtra Iron 6-0-0 contains more iron than the closest competitive product on the market. X-Xtra Iron provides 100% soluble, chelated iron in an immediately available form for both foliar and root applications. With its low nitrogen-to-iron ratio, X-Xtra Iron provides rapid green-up without any harmful surge growth. X-Xtra Iron contains the three most essential nutrients for photosynthesis: iron, nitrogen and sulfur. These elements combine to give trees and ornamentals a strong root system. X-Xtra Iron is formulated with citric acid as the chelating source. Because the citric acid chelate is quickly absorbed through plant tissue, X-Xtra Iron is good not only for rapid green up but also for correcting iron deficiencies and chlorosis. X-Xtra Iron is amine compatible and can be mixed with herbicides, fungicides pesticides, and other N-P-K fertilizers. X-Xtra Iron is very effective when applied with PGRs since its low nitrogen content will not counteract growth reduction but will prevent yellowing.

  • Fast green up, no surge growth
  • Compatible with PGRs
  • Corrects Iron Chlorosis

Active Ingredients:Nitrogen, sulfur, iron
Packaging: 2.5 gallon jug, 30 gallon drum
Rate: 0.5 – 1 gal. / 100 gal. water

HYDRO-MAX All Natural Wetting Agent Plus Humic Acid

Hydro-Max All Natural Wetting Agent Plus Humic Acid

Hydro-Max is a natural wetting agent and soil penetrant derived from the Mohave Yucca plant. Yucca provides a wide range of multi-functional benefits to both plants and soil conditions. Hydro-Max can be mixed with N-P-K fertilizers to improve foliar nutrient absorption. It is compatible with all liquid and soluble fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and absorbent gels. It is environmentally friendly product that can be applied to all plant materials either as a soil or foliar application. It is non-phytotoxic and can even be applied during hot, dry weather conditions.

  • Increases water and fertilizer penetration
  • Reduces surface tension of pesticide sprays
  • Alleviates Dry Spots
  • Loosens compacted soils
  • Helps leach salts
  • LIncreases Cell Wall Permeability

Active Ingredients:Yucca Schidigera Extract, Humic Acid
Packaging: 2.5 gallon jug
Rate: See Label, 100 oz. / 100 gal. water for trees and shrubs

Starter Plus bloomtastic 8-32-5, Liquid Fertilizer Solution

Starter Plus bloomtastic 8-32-5,

Starter Plus Bloomtastic 8-32-5 with 50% SRN is a high phosphorus solution, ideal for newly seeded areas. Starter Plus provides a continuous, steady source of nitrogen from methylene urea (MDU) along with quickly available nitrogen to promote top growth with limited thatch formation. Both the P and K are readily available to assure good rooting. Starter Plus is ideal for foliar spray applications, hydroseeding and as a soil drench.

Active Ingredients:Nitrogen, Phosphate, Soluble Potash
Packaging: 2.5 gallon
Rate: 11-22 oz. / 1,000 sq. ft., 32-64 oz. / 100 gal. water

Banner Recommendation

Salt will kill beneficial soil microbes and their food source. After salt remediation, treat soil with Essential at the rate of 8 oz. / 1,000 sq. ft. Essential is a 100% natural organic product derived from plant and vegetative products that provide a rich carbon source of organic matter. Essential contains 21 L-amino acids that promote nutrient absorption and stimulate the plants’ essential metabolic activities. It also becomes an available food source for soil microorganisms. High concentrates of active, soluble humic acid, humus and cellulose fiber will help to replenish soils that have been depleted of organic matter.

PH Essential Plus 1-0-1